Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The last SALAM from UITM well received last night (I just opened the mail during today afternoon since Auni kept on insisted me to open mine). Alhamdulillah, 4 Flat. Merasa jugak lah. But don't get me wrong, I'm not that smart. I believed all my batch-mates has gotten 4 Flat for their result. The matter is CGPA. I didn't managed to get myself from exempt for PTPTN as I'm not a first class scorer. Never mind. May Allah ease it for me and friends to pay off our debts. So, I am officially an Alumni of UiTM.

I was being home since the past January, almost 7 months to be exact. Next week will be another brand new challenge of me. Honestly, every inch of my heart has been screaming out of hell due to the nervousness. The same feeling when I was first started step my foot on AIA for internship training. As I am doing well during those time, I hope I will be doing good and great in the new place as well. 

May it be the stepping stone for me to practice Korean even better. 

I think later I will be writing another chapter on how I managed to secured a place into the place that is unimaginable. I think the main reason for it is because the Doa's from my Abah & Umi, Arwah Mek and the blessing from the lecturers. So, we're having a deal on next story yaaa? Though I don't know when I will have the mood to update it. Probably after I've gotten a rental room with strong Wi-Fi connections.

Welcome to adulthood Ain. Ko kerja kuat untuk spend gaji kau. wwuuu
(KAK MANJA,2017)

Mu akan tuah sehari nanti
(ARWAH MEK, 2007)

Insyaallah, I will be showing a good side of me in being a responsible adult. 
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Friday, May 05, 2017


HI there! It's been awhile, but I'm still surviving pfff. Being on the internship program somehow can be hectic and dying-for-no-job-to-do lol. I wish to shares my current project through One of the lecturer, Sir Fazli Baharuddin first introduced this website to me during the finishing school module ( back in the 6th semester).

so far, the accumulated payment I received for May 2017.

I don't know how to explain even more but I believe this website is worth to be generate a money especially in when we convert to Malaysia's currency. The payment usually in US Dollar ( So far). For some people, "Alaaaa, Dollar je kot". HAHA. But for me, paling lekeh pun you'll get a payment $5, convert to MYR you still can earned MYR20 ( depending on the currency rates) . Better check the rate of currency, withdraw it on the highest currency. Be patient, keep on reviewing and always goes online to ensure your respond's rate is 100%, so that the buyer will feel convincing. 


So far, there 3 method of payment applies in (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) 

Usually, I like the Fiverr Revenue Card because we can transfer the collected payment from Fiverr to the Card by using the Payoneer. Sign in and register then Payoneer will sent the PAYONEER PREPAID MASTERCARD. okay. Literally I dont really know this part, converting the money, currency and so on so forth. My colleague told me about this and I feel like using PayPal is more complicated. Done with part, huh!*Sighing*    

By the way, not to mentioned that transferring the money to the card will cost you $1( Usually I terus transfer to the card in case nak berjoli )  and the withdrawing charges is $4. You might lost $5 in total. My advice is accumulate the payment first until it collect large amount of money then transfer it. Transfer it in a large amount to. Overall the transferring and withdrawing process will cost you about MYR20++ according to the currency rates.

So complicated is it? hangpa buat dulu baru tahu nahhh. Kalau dok nganga confirm tak kan dapat punya.

My first gigs is translating a work for the Travel Company based in Germany and Alhamdulillah he liked me services and I can say he is one of the my repeated client. I help him in translating their documents to Malay and Korean. It was a great feeling. Rasa nak melompat masa first time dapat offer. Dia bayar $5 je.  Somehow, when I was working with their documents, I learnt something and new knowledge. Though I can't disclose several thing due to the private and confidentiality  terms. 

Seriously, I feel little lost for not mastering the knowledge of HTML or database because it does give you benefits and more $$$$$. Nevermind, still working on it.

p/s : I'm using my lunch break to do the translating work. Stop demanding and just accept the offer though it just cost you only $5!

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I'm officially started my Internship program for the sake of graduating pfff. How I wish I am able to be graduated without doing the internship though. hehe. Somehow it was great, yet it was quite pathetic and tiring. I guess, we'll see how it goes. By the way, I'm still waiting for a final decision for the interview at KB branch. Hoping I'll get the position ( of Course, I was drowned in despair when I remember the time I met with the other candidate.

Staying at home, giving me a chance for start a baking project once again. I'll write a post later ( tak tau la bila), explaining why I turn down the offer at KL and return to KB instead last minutes.

The starting path wasn't easy as an ABC. For sure, mom against my will at the first. So many doubting, so many words, this and that. I remained calm, keep on distributing my cakes to the neighbors, friends and families asking their feedback. Alhamdulillah. They said it was good, ( YES! I'm BRAGGING out of my Cakes hehe ) . Then bila a few friends and neighbors repeated the order, mom gave her green light. Wink Wink

official social networking system for marketing was launched along with the official name of my cakes, which is

🎂🎉🎁🍩🍬🍰도깨비 망고 치즈 케이크🎂🎉🎁🍩🍬🍰

Whatsapp : +6017- 693- 6607

*Strictly no call okeng!

The second obstacle was the branding itself. I was, indeed I was found out one seller from Instagram. A few days, I was like stalking her Instagram account, selecting the best-est designed they've been offered. I guess I'll talking about this later. I shall off to bed now. Esok kirija woiiii.

p/s :  Nak buat kek tu renyah nau. ada 3 layer semuanya. Jangan gigih nak order time-time tu jugak nak ambik. Penampaq sedas mau? Order dulu, then baru kita bincang nak ambik bila nau. COD area Pasir Mas, Salor and Kota Bharu je for the time being, Pasainya, Tuan Tanah tadak transport lagi. Doa-doalah moga-moga ramai beli MANGO CHEESE CAKE ni, then boleh Tuan Tanah pi deliver sampai depan pintu rumah. Pon Pon Pon!!!
Annyeong, Adios.


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