Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Few weeks ago, after mid term break, I made a promise to Hye Ju Eonni that I'll be meeting her. We met around 2pm at KLCC. I went to Suria KLCC with Oka. I first met Hye Ju Eonni at Petrosains. I was on my duty at Spark section when I heard someone talk in Korean language. I greeted her first and she seem surprise when I talk to her in Korean. We exchange numbers, keep sending messages through Kakao Talk and Whatsapp. That is how we start  the 언니-동생 relationship.

Okay, I need to explain here. I called the Korean sister as 혜주 언니( Hye Ju Eonni) which means Sis Hye Ju. I dropped the formal way to talk to 혜주 언니, but I still called her as 혜주 언니. Confused already?  HAHA. Mean while, the kids called me 아인 이모(Ain Imo) which mean Aunty Ain, and  오카 이모(Oka Imo). Imo and Ajumma carried different level of Aunt in Korean. Imo will be used for close aunt/ aunt by blood relationship (your parent's sibling) and when the situation is neccessary like you went to shop, make an aegyo while call the shop owner with Imo and ask her to give a discount. Serious talk. It happen all the time in Korea. 

The first son's name is Cho Seong Joon(초성준) and the youngest Cho Won Joon (초원준)
They were siblings by 1 year apart.  

tudung basah weihhh. panas gila time ni.

tak faham motif gambar ni. Sebenarnya ni bas rapid KL, tapi aku tengok macam kami naik gajah dekat Bangkok. Pulunnnn letak jugak. 사진은 잘 나우테니깐 ㅎㅎ

Since, Oka and I arrive at Suria KlCC one hour earlier, we just mingle around Kinokuniya Bookstore. Ohhh! I can't get myself the rest of uncompleted series of Harry Potter collection because I already use the book voucher for the new hardisk. Henggg. 

At first, we haven't decided the place. Great. We met around 2.00 pm on saturday. Almost all restaurant and even food court spare us no space. Not at all.  Then we decided to try look up on KFC. That was the first time, Seong Joon and I had a skinship. Woahhhhh. sound like pervent already haaa? I was holding is right hand and he hold Oka's hand on the left. 

Spec version

Ni masa nak mintak budak ni pose, Allah! Stress aku.. Mata khusyuk tengok phone je, main game..

"우리 사진 같이 찍자"

( Let's take a picture)

"응. 이모, 짬깐만. "

(Imo, hold on)

10분 후에~~~

(10 minutes later)

"성준아! 빨이 찍자니까 -_-"

(Cepatlah!! *annoying pasai tunggu lama)



without specs version

Frustrated 이모 couldn't get herself immersed in that f*c**** game

Psssss! Ada tokoh ke-ibu-an tak? Double slap on the face.

in the middle of  being nagged because of the game!

He Smiled!!^^

Back ON the game, AGAIN

Yang ni, caption meroyan

This one come out with Tyrannosaurus theme~~

송민국 처럼, 공령 척 하는 종 우리 귀여움 막내 원준이. 성준이 그냥 아~~~ 했다


눈 어디 갔냐 ?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Won Joon lost(?) his eye

혜주 언니랑 같이 찍었던 사진~~~

Oka and me with Hye Ju Eonni. Picture was taken by Seong Joon. Menci menci gambaq ni tiba-tiba aku gemuk melampau. %&*^#

얘는 막내 초원준. 재~~~~일 장난꾸러기 ㅋㅋㅋ
Trouble maker and prankster!!!

Korean instant/junk food

 Half of the food given by Hye Ju Eonni was non-halal, especially Chapagetti (Clearly has pork in the ingredients). Since neither me or Oka could eat it, I gave it to Gigi and Matilda instead. They were my classmate and they were christian. Woihhh. Bab ni tak boleh main-main. Nanti viral!!

Apart from that, we just want to ensure we'd only consume Halal food as required by Allah SWT.

We have a chat, Hye Ju guide me a lot in Korean and corrected up my mistake. Talking about the future plan and shinhwa's members. Rupanya kecik je dunia. Wakakaka. Around 5pm, we'd separated on our own ways. Won Joon gave me a peck on the cheek when Seong Joon just hugged me cat-cat shy. hehe. They went up yo Toy R Us and we went to Times Square.


I first noticed Korean restaurant named SOOPONG when I was doing my part time job as a baby sitter. I came to noticed it when I went to IOI City Mall, Putrajaya with my employer. I  went there because Ilyas wanted to ride a giant train, The restaurant offer more menu compare to other Korean Restaurant that I went to. Tapi yang paling penting, Soopong ada recognition of Halal from JAKIM. If ada psyco yang still nak doubt halal ke tak, kau boleh pergi mereput. Ingat JAKIM tu boleh simply nak keluarkan Halal recognition ke? Please, don't ever be religion extremist tahap yang membencikan. I'll update my point of view regarding gosami and Samyang's issue once I'l be in a home.

This is the entrance of Soopong in Times Square
credit: google

Wefie is a must! We arrived there around 6pm. It quite hectic because there is fan meeting of Korean boy band  name 24/7. Frankly speaking, I don't even know their existence. haha. People running here and there to chase them and we was like asking to each other.

"ain, sapa 24/7 tu?"

"Ntah. tak kenal"


"Oka, tah-tah nanti kita makan, 24/7 lalu depan kita"

and guess what? They really passed right in front of us!!!

Tapi tak teruja pun pasai aku tak kenal pun dorang!!!

konon tak teruja even tanda seru banyak kat belakang. wakakaka

Tedia. parut perry jerawat adik beradik dia semua keluaq wehhh.

Actually, kami kebulur sebenarnya, even baru lepas makan burger dengan ayam KFC yang Hye Ju Eonni belanja,  EHH, Hallooo! Kami gerak dari KLCC ke Times square tu tau, Ingat tak penat ke? Masa ni lepas place order. Adalah dalam 40~50 keping dok main selpiaqqq dalam tu. 

Review aku: First of all. Design. quiet entertaining even the environment was not rea~~~~`lly korean. What do you expect? The table almost packed and we sat near to the kitchen. Fortunately, the view and decoration save the neck. Picture's quality wasn't great because we use fish eye lens to capture almost the entire sorrounding.

Menu : Quite appetizing! Since we're starving and the restaurant was hectic we didn't manage to capture the menu. Sorry for those come with hope that we're having the price list along with the menu. Sorry again. Next time will done, yaaa!

Ni Cheese toppokki. Serious ni sedap. Seriously recommended! For me, almost Korean dish looks like it was serves only in a small portion. Fear not people, it is actually wasn't serves as what you're imagined. We shared this and we didn't manage to eat it all.  

Banchan or side dish. Korean cuisine wasn't complete without banchan. It comes in variety.  The cucumber pickle and kimchi will always be my ultimate favorite. The middle banchan 
is the combination of macaroni and cabbage and I don't like the taste. It just weird. Just like makan pizza cicah dengan budu (?). Puked! The kimchi somehow just 딱 내 style. It has a strong  chili paste and shrimp paste savory. I could taste the shrimps in the kimchi and I'm a bit worry I will kena the allergic. Nasib baik owner dia kata dia tak letak shrimp extract. Dia guna fish sauce.

This one is Dalsott Bibimbap. I forgot the price. Next update will do nayyy.

That day, I drank this grape juice price RM4~5. It's great. Real grapes in the juice. Oka ordered ais lemon tea, maybe.

The dish's name is Ttuekbaegi Bulgogi Beef 

Cheese tteokpoki in action. Favorite nih. Every Korean house aku pergi, mesti order ni. Kalau sedap. aku assumed semua dishes kat kedai tu pun best. wakaka.

pun boleh kan. 

Percubaan nak bagi Korea flag enter-frame.

Flag bahayaaaaa weh *referring to Fany's issue*

Tersuka gambar ni sebab somehow nampak kurus hahhahahaha
*Gelak keji *

p/s : Article berkurun on draft. nak edit pun berzaman. Tak tau lah macam mana nak buang kikis malas dalam diri. Tengah stress pasal kena paksa pergi Kemaman khamis ni.tamau tamau tamau. meluat. kbye!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016


Alhamdulillah? What else to say? Okay la. Rezeki takat tu. OMG crying Hangang river. I just checked my result an hour ago, right after Isya' prayer. I went to bed early last night.That's soooo not me! During the day, I went to Bachok with Bazilah, doing photo shot without giving that damn care to SALAM from UiTM. That's blimey

Gigih bukan??

Lepas share stress dekat buddies at Whatsapps and Kakao Talk baru check. Not really excited because I was haunted with killer paper, which is Database Management system. Through out the final exam period, I was staying with Kak Syada because our paper is on July 2nd, 4 days before Raya, both me and kak syada wailing all night long in despair and regret. Why we was so crazy to take this paper for this semester?




Rasa sebab markah projek (BIG THANKS TO GROUPMATE, KAK SYADA AND ZAKIAH), test and assigments. Masa buat ni stress woihhh. Emo aku, dengan report tak siap on time, systerm error, blur groupmate lagi, sikit je lagi tak gila. Merasalah jugak tak tidur 2 malam siapkan system dengan report.

Aku punya cuak, dah siap arrange schedule for next sem sebab memang dah bajet failed. I failure Him, The Almighty so many times like perform prayer late (Always), not doing any tahajud or dhuha prayer even though I have plenty of time through this entireeeeeeeeee semester's break, and so on. Yet, still Allah grant me with this blessing. Alhamdulillah, all praise is due to Allah S.W.T.

I'll try harder to be success in feeding both  soul and physical's need.

bukak email je, terus cari Database. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Thank you allah.

Dear squads, first semester of our final year is done. Lets strives for the last one, Real last. May Allah ease.

P/s: draft raya tak publish lagi, malas. And aku tak dekan. close by, tapi tak dekan. spoil. takpe. Allah tak bagi chance nak riak. wakaka


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