Wednesday, May 18, 2016


well said, 96% classmate has done their interview, while me and pair was about to do the interview session with our tokoh, Dato' Jamali shadat on the day after tomorrow. Preparation for this paper is really damn boring and tiring.

preparing a checklist is more tiring.

  1. Prepares 200 questions to be ask in 2 hours. jaw drop ahhh? I'm being serious
  2. Book a rental car
  3. Set up a date with Dato'
  4. Print out the agreement between UiTM dan Tokoh. ( Term and condition applied at this stage. If the tokoh refused to sign, every single things will be cancelled, AUTOMATICALLY. The final outcomes will be booked and will as well be a future references, published and reviewed. If you and your pair's got lucky enough, it will be referred as a court evidence nahhh)
  5. Since our Tokoh project was bonding with Perbadanan Perpustakaan Shah Alam(PPAS), agreement from PPAS must be printed out as well.
  6. Sleep early, tight and well
  7. Borrow the voice recorder from classmate, Anis 

other than that, Insyaallah I'm all and well prepared. now, it's 5.38am, I just had my early breakfast for sahoor after finished the last touch for 200 question. Tomorrow, I just need to do the final rehearsal before the actual interview session and meet Madam to get her signature on the agreement form. I'm furious and nervous. I wanna do the interview asap and start transcribe it as soon as I can. Hidden  thoughts? I wanna spend Eid Fitr without any concern nor worries about those assingments.

okay, bye!


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