Saturday, April 30, 2016


Last week, Oka and I went to KL and spent time with Hye Ju Eonnie, Won Joon & Song Joon. Apparently, we talked about this and that. Too many to be mentioned, SIGH! 

 Since Oka and I arrived at KLCC about 45 minutes earlier, we spent time by reading books in Kinokuniya bookstore. At first Hye Ju Eonnie insisted to went up and try to look out for a restaurant, What you expect at KLCC's rasa food court at lunch hour? They spent hours to take an elevator/ bubble lift for 5 minutes and goes down in a moment later. SIGH

*TIPS: if you went to KLCC, avoid from using bubble lift because it could take longer time, especially peak hours and weekend. Use the side elevator instead!!

Almost all restaurant full and we ended found a place at KFC. That was the first time Song Joon held me by hand! I'm holding his left small palm while Oka held his right hand.

Me and Hye Ju Eonnie conquer the conversation and Oka seems to understand our conversations sometimes. She need more korean lesseon, me as well, indeed. 

Suddenly, Hye Ju Eonnie told me that I should change my surname because Hwang Ain / 황아인 is quite confusing for Korean peole to pronouce it. Besides, she told me, A-in + Hwang wasn't really a good combination for korean name. Fear not peeps! I don't believe that. But then, if Korean people hear my name, there is a tendency where they will think my name carry some bad luck (?) because of Hwang. This eonnie probably went to see a fortune teller often. hehe . Even Won Joon & Song Joon is having a hard time mentioning their Imo/ 이모 ( Aunt )'s (?) name.

After a very damn (?) serious consideration, Hye Ju Eonni suggested Choi (취), Kim(김), Jung(정) or Lee(이). Since I'm don't really like Choi, so we passed to next surname. She told me if I wished to used Lee, then it would be even more nicer if I changed Ain to Ae Young. OMGGGGGG. I want to keep Ain, at least. So it is either Kim or Jung. Naming after the person whom I loved the most, I've decided to changed Hwang ain to Jung Ain for my korean name.


profile name on facebook was changed

well, it wasn't really necessary to have a korean name actually. But I want to keep my real name for my close korean family, oppas, eonies, ajusshi, imos and friends . Nur Ain Maisarah Phelps is way to difficult for them to pronounce it and they also pronounce it in a funny-funny-shit sound meh!! Sang Wook Oppa once suggested me to add up a surname and A-In is 2 words in korean name. Adding surname will complete my name in 3 korean character.

Thanks surname, HWANG for being with me. I used it well, but Hwang wasn't really match with A-in. They said ahhh, not me.
황을 잘 쓴거니까 고마워요

p/s: Update first date entry dengan HyeJu Eonni and sons, reply tag blog by Hani, complete assingments & prepare for test and interview!! If I could manage this within 3 days, Deabak!

Friday, April 15, 2016


Haihhhhh. First time update blog via phone😊😊
Last weekend, I managed to stayed up all the night long doing my literature review & pre-limenary proposal for our core subject, Oral History. That subjects is quite tough and damned tiring though. So, dearest junior!! Be prepare, Okeng!! It'll kill you! Trust me. It is only a matter of time. Around 3am Woo Seung Ajusshi or his Islam named, Umar ( May Allah bless and protect him all the time ) texted me through facebook messenger and he did invited me to his booth. I was quite surprised cause I thought the event was held in Korea. The Halal expo in Korea will be held in August and  may Allah plan the best thing for all of us for this upcoming August. Amin amin amin!!

meroyan selca before departure haihhh.

This time, the exhibitors came all over from South Africa, Indonesa, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and  many more. I could only spent half day in friday and stopped by after my part time job is ended. 미친드시 달려갔엌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ because I am furious. 우승아주씨, 예림
 언니랑 미림언니's flight is on 11.30pm on the same day. I'd rushed to the bakery shop, went up to get some bread for them. Instead of eating my bread, hahaha We had a meal together! The feeling is go great! Having only a salad from Kenny Rogers and we shared it together. 4 of us. Maybe that is the hikmah when Allah swt asked us to shared our foods with families and friends. I only ate a piece of banana cupcakes since I am on strict diet but it does file up my stomach!!

One of the station from South Africa~^^

The situation is almost the same, I get the opportunity to meet up and hang out with those great, successful and nice people. Couldn't ask for more!!

The man wore white shirt is Umar / Woo seung Ajusshi, the lady in white is Mirim eonni whe the lady in black is Yerim Eonni. 

I havent had a lunch beforehand, they doesnt have theirs too because they were busy at booth. So little,yet so beautiful.

"같이 먹어니까 더 재미겠다"
( if we eat together,it will be much more nicer and happy)
-예림 언니, 2016-

Me and Umar

Can't recalled his name, but his cookies is way too delicious. I couldn't get the cookies due the time limitations

This Uncle ahhh! He drives me crazy. I ended up leaving their booth because he didn't stop teasing me all way from the booths from South Africa. 

 me and Jonathan.

Presenting, my Second Kakak.

Me and the only Mirim Eonnie.


My first kakak!

ME and the only Yerim Eonnie!

Once in a while. You know what, it's kinda of freaking me out a bit everytime I see this picture. I wore a lens and it seems like it wasn't me at all. I mean, this is my picture, but it seem like wasn't really me.(?) With such a sudden large eye, white skins  and red lips OMG!

It just not me


got it, peeps?

No synchronizing in line for the eye liner. The right eye's eyeliner is shorter and thicker. It's tottally against the left eye. GEEZ

That teasing uncle was in a shocked after my tears flowing out! HAHA. He thought I was crying. The actual reason of tears is because of my lens. I wore the lens from 10am and the time we met is about 6.45pm. I can feel my eyes is dry and to be frank, it's really hurt. Then, I removed the lens and wore my specs again.SIGH. I could barely opened by eyes 10 minutes after the lens was remove because my eyes is stingy and aching. Haha. Can't even forget J's uncle's faces when the tears are flwing down.

All I can say is, it was one of the best experience I've been experiencing. So, new collection is made up!!!

*sudden ending*


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