Thursday, March 10, 2016


I barely made a promise to myself, that I will eat Ponstan IF ONLY my head is no longer can take the pain because I had read the long term effects for taking Ponstant. Mom warned me about this too! What a spoiler. I suffered heavy migraine since my secondary schools, especially during SPM. It's getting worsen during my diplomas day, average in  2 to days I will kena then I had no choice and took it every time I kena. There is a moments, without realized it I banged my head to the walls as the  pain is killing me. Sometimes, it just become such an unconscious habit to me.

It's been a while since the last time migraine had come. early this evening I'm attending Database class at 2.00pm. 1 hour later, I started experiencing those uncomfortable feeling and I can even feel my head is getting heavier and aching. There is 3 to 5 seconds my vision is getting blurred. The class is officially ended at 5.50 pm and we ( Me and Kak Syada) headed straight away to the ladies. I throw up everything I ate for the day. What a waste T.T

We headed to kandang and I had early dinner. go back to my house, freshen up, ate ponstan and sleep all the way the night. Woke up at 11.18 pm and becoming an owl for now.

I, officially lost the battle to Ponstant today


New Bae

Hint: Shinhwa member!!
No work for this week!! Mansae!!

p/s: 2 weeks out of 14 is well survived. May Allah ease and bless us all


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