Friday, January 22, 2016

Business's comeback

HI everyone. Ever since my last post, I been wrote a few article and it all ended up as a draft. Simple equation. I don't think I'm ready to share it all.

All praise is due to Allah S.W.T, good things happened to me for the past 3 days. Even though there is some offers that I can't officially take due to my full time student. Ada hikmah, maybe. Maybe it wasn't my rezeki yet and I'm trying my best to be postive. I hope so!!!

I was involved with Dexandra Perfumes for the past 2 years and I'm officially becoming an authorized seller for that brand.

Currently, this brand has been famous after the advertisement being broadcast in radio and social media.

My new and second business is Hunny Wax Hair Removal.

I'm personally used this wax and it was highly recommended. Eh! Come on la. I'm a student what. So, the cheapest thing with the most quality is needed so badly by us. 

Normally I used Veet and Nair strips for my leg's and upper lip's hair, but that required me a high budget. MYR 27-31 for 20 strips is a slight expensive for a student like me.

Do follow my business Instagram for the update : The Lady C's Garage
Details on the Ig yaa

p/s : Future ahead as usual is isn't clear. So, I ask Allah to ease everything for me.
and don't forget to support me kay!!!
사랑해 다들!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Semester September 2015 - January 2016 Session is wrapped up!!!

Hoyehh!!! I'm home. Just touch down Kota Bharu last dawn, and I have enough time to prepared a quick nasi goreng and chicken nuggets as a breakfast for Aiman and Arif before they went to school.  gigih kakak sulung bukan? I guess my cooking skills getting better nowadays since they aren't complaining anything. Not even a single unpleasant words.ㅋㅋㅋ 누나짱이지??

I assumed every semester will be tougher and tougher right? Next semester, we'll be taking one of killer paper for our course, which is Oral History (OH). The theme will be depends on the lecturer and I was hoping none of war/ independence topic will be chosen. I'll be so done then!

The saddest thing happened this semester is I won't be seeing Fatin and Mai more often after this. Truth really hurts right? They've finished up their degree and will be continue their internship and leaving me, Faezah and Nawal. In other hand, the great thing  ever happened to me is the tantrum is well control this time.

I'll leave the result in the Almighty hand. I've done my part in the best way I can and I'm happy.

I hereby announce,  hell week is over!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Darryl Yong Replied to me!!!

Hi, don't bother me. It just Nur Ain Maisarah being such a fan-girling or something. I slept late last night by helping Mom prepare the stuff for 2016's school session. Iron her baju kurung and the boy's school uniform.

I went to upstairs, checkup on Aiman whether he's sleeping or not before headed to my bedroom.  My paper will be on January 11th, so I am free for another week.  Plus the Wifi's speed at home is 1000 times better from campus and  I decided to do some movies and drama marathon. Siaw right? The study week is entirely misused by a student like me. HAHAHA. Can't help it. Give me a space please. Already stressed out for the past 4 months with tests, assigment and projects.

While waiting the downloads video has been finish, I was scrolling the Instagram. It's 2.00am and I saw Darryl posted something on his Ig. I was like boring and randomly comment  on his post. Then I whatsapp messaging with friends of mine. The downloaded files also done. I decided to watch the video tomorrow because I was so sleepy. I go washed my face, applied sort of treatment cream for the scars, put the light off and ready to sleep. And suddenly, the phone is beeping telling me there's notification was in.

Amagadddddd Dying

See, This ladies is being doing this again.

Just a simple smiley and "study hard" made me smile and being gedik by viewing his Ig over  10 times just in this morning only. -_-"

For your information, Darryl Yong is an actor from Singapore and he has been into the Singaporean's entertainment industry for quite long time. Currentky, I enjoy watching him as Ben Tong in the Tanglin series.

You can catch him up through this Tanglin link :)

Stay safe and support Darryl Yong


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