Sunday, December 04, 2016

TODAY'S DESPAIR | 절망감을 느꼈다.

절망감을 느꼈다.

절망감을 느꼈다. 

I work my butts off to ensure I earned my first degree based on my OWN sweat, blood and tears. I'm working my butts off knowing I'll be working using this cert to feed myself and families. I'm working my butts off to let parents do feel proud of me. I'm working my butts off to built what I am today. I'm eager for flying colors with a hope I can turn that so called educational-loan-ptptn-to-scholarship. But then I've failed I didn't get a flying colors every semester. But still it was okay, cause I knew I'm trying. I'm working my butts off with tears of losing my 23 years backbone, Arwah Mek. I am working my butts off so I can be a role model to my siblings.
I'm way too tired to expressed my feelings. For the past month, I started my last struggle cause I knew this the only time I need to struggle. I didn't grumble that I doesn't even have a time to go for a simple date nor by not having enough rest or sleep. I don't even sighing by knowing all of this is called as RESPONSIBILITY. My responsibility mean it mine to bear and not others. 
I didn't cheat during the examinations. I didn't plagiarist over other's work. I didn't take a credit for the work that I don't even lay a finger on it. I was been taught. I'm struggling to get through the hardest past so at the end I will be success out out my effort. I struggles because I do concern. I would never want to achieve a degree without any barakah in it.

Tell me, was a barakah in your cert if you are actually taking a credit over someone's works?

was it there?

As for today, I've lost in despair. No words can be expressed on how shitty I felt, like it was purposely done. 
Have a mercy on others, easy to say and hard to do.
Seeking for a best-est solution


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