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My last weekend before end of semester well spent in Kemaman, Terengganu.  To be precise, we ( Me, parents and Arif, Cekti's fam & Ayah Ngah's fam) went there to pay a visit to Ayah Long. Ayah Long was involved in an accident last week. Alhamdulillah, he barely survives with no severe injured except for almost-broken ribs, swollen lungs and heart and few stitches in jaw and inner mouth. All praise is due to Allah S.W. T. Alhamdulillah.

A night before we went to Terengganu, Cekti kept texting me. Asking me to remind me to be punctual. They were about to depart Friday's morning right after dawn. Umi said, if Abah's condition is better in the next morning, we'll join them. 

(Friday morning, 7.14am)  Angoh texted in the family group Whatsapp that they already start their journey to Kemaman and I was lying in bed. 

"Okay. They left already. I'm not going to Kemaman."

Laying around until 8.00am until I heard Umi asked Aiman to tell me to pack up caused we're going to Kemaman. Wakakakaka. We depart to Kemaman later  than the rest and not joined the convoy. Well, the journey was quite great as we took the highway. Cepat gila sampai. Around 1.50pm we arrived in Ayah Long's house, Haven't touch down in Kemaman for almost 9 years already made us puzzled in daze. Tediaaaaa. Kemaman was changed. Trust me

Lepas sampai tu, makan-makan then those cousins tried to make fun of us without knowing the fact that we already arrived in Kemaman. That was quiet hilarious.  We even took a picture of the scene, but since we weren't wore scarfs, so skip! 

Petang tu, Ayah Long, Ayah Ngah, Cekti, Umi, Abah and Cikyi pergi Pekan, Pahang untuk berubat. Aku pulak janji dengan Mena. Nak jadi cerita, aku send location through Whatsapp tapi dia bawak Mena sampai Center Point, So end up dia tunggu depan Astaka, ayah Long drop aku kat sana. Ehem. Not to mentioned  that I've gotten myself a pocket money from Ayah Long as well.

Aku dengan Mena spent time dekat Mesra Mall, tengok Mechanic. Lepas tu cari tempat makan punya azab, tau je la picky eater macam aku ni. Tempat tu tak syok, tempat ni suram. hahaha. Malam tu lalu jugak Sk. Seri Geliga, habih emooo lalu sekolah. Lalu all the way place where I was grown up. Sebak!


Day 2 - At old Kemaman Bus Station. Masa ni lepas makan second breakfast, tengah tunggu Mak Cik Dayang. Make up all sponsored by Silky Girl. With the cousins and aunties feeling pre-wedding shoot tepi sungai Kemaman. 

Ni second outfit, masa aku pakai blouse turquoise tu Ayah Cik sakat wowoowwoowwo gitu. annoying then terus tukar,

Pay a visit to Nenek. alhamdulillah, she was fit and healthy despite being aged 72. She used to took care of me and the other 3 siblings. She remembered me clearly, called my name out loud and with full confident. Allah the Almighty still provide her with a good memories. It's a great feeling, meeting a person whom have been taking a good care of me ever since I was an infant.

Hasil duduk rumah sebulan setengah. Badan macam kena pam dah. Obese melampau.

Angah and Cikna

Next, we went to Cikgu Aina's house. She was never taught me during the primary school, but she was quiet close to me. so, we on!

If she knew her photo in this outfit was uploaded by me, I'd be killed for sure. hehe

Mak-mak sakan bergosip then kita main amek gambor sorang-sorang.

Umi and Cikgu Aina

Me and Angah
(Cekti and Cikna enterframe kat belakang)

Lunch day 2 at gerai Tepi Sungai. Famous jugaklah kedai ni sebab makanan dia memang banyak and serves seafood.  Not to mentioned seafood dia memang fresh from oven, Mula-mula aku refused untuk makan sebab kekenyangan makan nasi minyak, mee goreng, keropok lekor, satar, mocha and etc. Tapi Ciknah and umi insisted suruh aku makan jugak, cakap dah alang-alang sampai. So, aku makan juga sikit.

View padang Astaka. Berubah habis

Pejabat pos ni legend woihhh. Ni antara tempat yang tak berubah, Dari aku kecik, pejabat pos ni stay situ, pergi last week pun dia ada lagi. hehehe

Kemaman Clans mesti tahu tempat ni.SMK Chukai.

Main snow dalam kereta, arif amek gambar kita pula.

Nak conclude kat sini, pergi Kemaman last week tak sampai 48hours pun. But, all those memories fade in like it just happened yesterday. Meeting nenek is another blessing from Allah after Wan is passed away 2 weeks ago. Spending time with Mena also make me happy. That might be our last outing as bachelor before each one of us becoming someone else's soulmate. Future hubbies sekalian, please pay attention to this, We need a time out. 

I will never forget everything happened in ayah long's house that friday evening and the next morning. We spent time together, ate and joking around together. Thank you Allah for this blessing.

p/s:  Tengah gather semangat untuk last sem. Dengan sistem gelong yang tak boleh  daftar subjects and new college system is giving me enough headache, Thumbs up UiTM


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