Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Alhamdulillah, still breathing till this second. Celebrating birthday with dear self is even better. Makes me wonder the deeds and wrongs that I've ever done in my life. If I die tomorrow, will my deeds is enough to face Allah S.W.T ?

This year, during my birthday, Allah has been granted me a reward by giving me a musibah/ unfortunate things. The rock really hit me yesterday. And when you've hit the rock, there is no other options except to get up and built up the confidence again. Way to go girl.! Mak Long said this to me, "You been through things worst than this. Hold it a bit longer. Another 10 months to go"!!! That is how I regained my spirit.

24 years living in this world, I've been through unimaginable  childhood experiences. I depend on my two feet. I been hit up thousand million times, but I choose to wake up. All those experiences has made me to become a stubborn, tough and firm person, I made my life concern-decision basically on my own and not even bothered about people said about me, The joy and the pain I felt, I shared to Arwah Mek and after she passed away, I usually kept those feeling to myself.  Wake up and do things to change my fate. Being alive on my birthday today, make me remind all those things happened to me previously. How I take and ignored all the curses, how I put a side my pride and shame to asked one's help, being left by all those people I cherish the most, my intention being misinterpret by people and others. Told yaa' I've been through a lot. Despite that, I have all the uncles and aunties behind my back. Cheer up on me since I was 8 years old. Thanks fam!

I missed my backbone the most today, on my birthday. Arwah Mek. I'm longing for her hugs, advices and her voices cheer up on me, Healing the hurts I felt with her words and Allah's promises. Insyallah Mek, we will be reunite in hereafter. 

Dear self, you are on your own. Be strong, strive for what you have and ignored all those negatives vibes. Ignored the temporary pain for ultimate success later. 

throwback gambaq diploma.

정아인! 아인아! 어렸을 땐 부터 벌써 고생이 진짜 많다. 내가 너라서 너무나 뿌뜻하다. 오늘은 네 생일이지만, 그 나쁜 말을 신경 쓰지마. 쓰면 절대 안됨!!! 알았치??? ^^ 혼자서 살지만 하나님이가 항상 곁에 있는 거 절대 잊으면 안된다. 힘들어도 다시 일어나 줄 건지? 울지말고 식식하게 걷자 우리가. 네 옆에 글루 처럼 폭 보텨 있을게 아인아.
한 번 더 힘내라.
생일 축하해 정아인

p/s: Thanks for the do'a and wishes. Really appriciate it.


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