Monday, October 19, 2015


I've lost a very close friends of mine once during my diploma days back in UiTM Merbok. Well, the actual reason is grouping works and assignments. Me now doing my degree in UiTM Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam and yet I found that kind of "creature" again. Why is it always me? For those who have known me personally know how "kepoh" I am. OHHH great. Wanna hangout with me? Having a cup of tea and Pringles while  catching up some good English movies and Korean's variety show. No problem with that. I can spend the entire weekend with that, honestly.

But, there is one thing I can't ever tolerate, which is not being professional when doing a tasks. I tend to lost my rationality and quite often throw the tantrum upon that. I don't really think yelling and reminding ones over his own tasks will be nice at this age, isn't? Well, you're not longer a kiddos as you need to be told before doing your job by your own. Hey, come on. Be independent! Be tough! No one will waited if you only acted as dumb lazy *ss and only good for nothing.

I felt terribly at lost as I lost few of them because of all those assignment, but they were actually gave me no choices. I was the group leader at that time. There were 6 or 7 of us. I can't simply gave her way out and neglect the other 5 group-mate. I did approached her, and yet she with her endless good for nothing ego lead us all failed. We bear all the consequences. I assumed she is was too arrogant to admit her own mistake even though we try to fixing the things up. 

I grew up. At least for now. There's a girl I know here, I mean in UiTM Puncak Perdana. I really don't want ditch my friends for the sake of good grade score or Dean List award. I rather had my result in moderate as I know I am helping the other friends. How can a person being happy and proud, announcing her good grade score while her friends dying for improving theirs. Why can't you just help the unfortunate friends? Give 'em a hand. Help 'em understand more and strive together. Wait for 'em even though you know they are one step behind us. Wouldn't it'll be the sweetest thing and memorable memories? Why can't it just be in the way it used to be?

I wish I can graduate with a good score together, not alone. I wanted to be succeed, and I wanted all my friends succeed as I am. That is the true happiness. I pray Allah will never let be such an ungrateful servants. Wealth and knowledge is certainly a test and I know I shall not be arrogant with the gifts.

I would rather goes with moderate rather than being succeed alone.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nur Ain Maisarah Hwang with her renew obsessions

Salam and Hi.

I'm writing this entry as I started to find an article for Appraisal subjects. see? The devil-ish things couldn't let me through every time I was trying to set the important task on my to-do-lists. One thing people think me odd is when I gave names to my babies. Well, Umi gave he weird look at me when i told adik their names. Then who is on the earth is my babies? 

I prefer my gadgets and books collections as my babies blanc. My housemate Nawal, always read e-novels from her phone. At first I don't really care cause I thought reading through phone can make my eyes's power roses. However, I faced one problem in here. I bought all my favorite Malay novelist's collection and I don't really want bring 'em home. They have to be here, with me. Even though I don't have a time to read 'em all through the entire semester. Ohh, obviously not. Not to be mentions, but if reading all those books and novels will help me score a good grades, I will. haha

I remember the last time I fancy this things( collecting novels, magazines and books) since 2004. Technically, because Umi gave me Ailee (My first laptop ever). So, my obsession towards babie blanc stop pause there. Yeah, I might turn my back over my babies blanc for a while, but they were still in a good shapes. I wrapped 'em in plastic cover and I paste a sticker branding my name for perfect recognition if someone ever try to steal mine. The collections has been made by me since I was 14 years old, so few of my collections went missing as I lend it to the friends.

There's a book rack provided by Uni for each and everyone of us. Lots of people filled up theirs with academic books while mine was full with novels. Same thing goes at home. My wardrobe space's was taken by the babies instead the clothes. What even worsen is I locked up the wardrobe. 
I don't really fancy the borrowing-lending things as I furious. I think I am being paranoid by overthinking peoples doesn't treat my babies in the way I used to. That was pathetic, the feeling. I prepared a cards in each of my babies, so people don't fold any pages of by babies.The cards supposed to be used as bookmarks. Besides, I'm being extremely paranoia as I handle the books with care. 

Mindset of people might be different. I won't say a words against your stand, I will never. But still, one of the most important thing that should be there, in my room at home is my babies blanc. It took me a very long time to gather all the collections together. Seeing 'em was placed in order within the wardrobe and book racks was the best feeling ever every time I went back home. Please babies, be with mama till end will ya?* penampau sedas* 

 p/s: OHHH Yeah. Since the being back as a students ni, maybe I can aim next year's BRIM for Harry Potter series and I am no four.Harry potter collection ada start Philisopher stone till the Goblet of Fire je. PLEASE 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Salam and Hi. Being on the second year in the university doesn't really get me excited except for the new baby I had in my life. I named him with "OLLIE" as it was the name one of the most precious person in my life. I pray Ollie will survives long enough to serves me and him, well at least for another 10 years? Insyaallah.

I compressed all the classes's schedule( please prounounce it in British accent if you please) so I will have 4 days of weekends despite 2 days per week. You know me, I am not that kind of people who follow other's footsteps just because I don't wanna be alone in a class. Blimey! I would rather go to class alone by myself instead of having classes on thursday and friday. It was hectic, exhausted and obviously it's killing me. 6 classes strokes in 3 days. Ohh. What else could be great than that? I've got 3 classes on Tuesday starting on 8.00am and the last class end up on 9.00pm. Usually, I don't really have enough time for resting during the day. 

To sum ups the schedule for next week, I guess it will be another hectic week for me. I was startled as next week is already week 6th. UiTM will have 14 weeks of studying periods before final examination. I was like, OHMAIII how come times run faster without I really realize the whole things? It's was like yesterday since the first time I register the courses and the subjects.

  • PC Maintanance test( This is electives subjects and covered 2 chapters for the test) *dying*
  • Japanese online test ( compulsory of each students for taking 3rd language. I was about to registered Korean Language then I was being informed by the staff''s faculty Korean lang only can be taken at Main campus only. I was in Puncak Perdana campus.)
  • Set up a Electronic records systems for Felda( this is Core subject. one of the killer courses)

Seriously, I don't even know why I was ended up here. I was prays that hard, asked the Almight to send me to UiTM Seremban 3 branch so I can continues my degree in the same faculty I used to be during my diploma days. the days I went to watch the movie after doctor has given me MC as I was having fever and gastritis, hangout at pond near to the foodcourt, went out with Aiman, Fatin, Tiqa, Umi and Kak Debab as we used to. The memories lies there forever. I had done all terrible things and those were the days. 

till we meet again, bye.

Monday, October 05, 2015


haa, such a long time since the last time wrote an entries. Currently I'm back into the student's world. The starting for this semester is quite tough and I'm giving my all out. Preparing for TOPIK and IELTS (it must not be named) exams at the same times is giving me headaches. Bloody hell, it was the toughest things to do by teenager adult-to-be. Aunt argued the decision made by me, saying sponsor by any agencies( you name it) wouldn't send me there. Where it is? There are 2 places I wish to settle down in this worlds. It'll be my secrets and it always be.
The second weeks of the semester, the new members of the house look up at me as I'm a queer fish . I stayed at the hostel about 3 days then I went home back in Kota Bharu as Abah's wasn't in good conditions. I have the weirdest thought when I was at home. I was thinking of  extending the current semester as I wanted to be at home. As usual, she (Umi) wouldn't never say a things. It's probably the hardest thing to do by us, spill ones deepest thoughts. Still, I consider myself lucky of having good people surrounded me. And I was like talk to myself " I'll deal with this mess.". I always being positive as I believe life is always about tone of surprises.

gotta a lots of things to be done. I wish I can finish up the whole things before next week. very well, then. till the next time.

stay safe people.


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