Monday, June 22, 2015


Salam Ramadhan Kareem to all. It's been a while. I guess not, the last time post an update here is about 10 months ago. Well, the promises and Nur Ain Maisarah wasn't get along well, huh. -_-".
This semester is giving me more relax time  compared to last semester, but still I failed to put an update here. I don't even get a chance to understand what is the actual reason for the excuse. by the way, I don't score well in my MUET, so please don't expected I'm using the correct-grammar-term-English and whatsoever. And as for my new friends, do ask me and not get yourself involves with google translate to understand my post. 

Dear author, please get back to the post!!

This would be second Ramadhan for me in Puncak Perdana. As for the last 3 days in a row, me and the Housemate, Nawal had went to Seksyen 13 for our breakfasting. I joke you not, 3 days in a row. The other Housemate, Fatinaz just can only sighing whenever this topic was brought up. 

This the view at Bazar Ramadhan Seksyen 13.

Korean emoticon 보고파 I miss you

Prices for the foods in the Bazar Sekesyen 13 is almost the same in Bazar at our campus. Bazar Seksyen 13 has offered us more and varieties of foods compared to bazar in our campus. The taste is 10 times better I shall say. The cleanliness issues also being guaranteed compare to bazar at our campus.Korean emoticon 내꺼 Mine

Korean emoticon 나 이거 사줘 Buy me that

Look at the "SPAICY" spelling. I've overhead the people's conversation that funny enough to have me burst into loud laugh. Seriously. Alhamdulillah, almost all my wishlist craving-food is all eaten well. 

Nasi Beriani
Kek Batik
Roti John.
Korean emoticon ㅎㅎㅎ heheheKorean emoticon 오키 Okay
p/s: Mom texted me about the measurement for my baju kurung because I didn't bring that-so-called baju kurung contoh during the last time I went home. So, I told her I can just wear last year baju kurung for the Raya's day. And suddenly she stopped texted me. Mood swing merajuk on, I guess. hehe.


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