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Previously, on 29th of October 2015, I went to Petrosains, KLCC after got a called from Kak Izzi. After 4 times applied, I finally being accepted into Petrosains. It took about a year. I applied through online before, but none of them get me through until I made up my mind to drop by the form by myself. Don't get confused. I applied the post as part time since my class wasn't pack as I compressed my schedule ( I did mentioned in my previous post). 

The last batch for 2015
VOP Nov'15
(Complete members, except for Hanim as she went to restroom. When she's returned, we've done LOL)

If you wish to apply, you need to arrange your schedule as they've only do the interview 6-7 times in a year. I was in November 2015 batch and ours is the wrap up for year 2015. Those who wish to apply must wait till next January. Alhamdulillah, the interview went well and I found that was hilarious. On a second thought, I think it is better for me to kept that as a secret. We, me and Acap attended the interview together. I was being interviewed by Kak Adda and Abang Nazri. FYI, normally they will held a group interview and my roomate Lia advised me to always volunteer so they will impressed with me. Unfortunately, I need to calm as there is a man who get himself volunteer to introduce faster than I am. Nevermind, since Kak Adda noticed me. Yeayyy!! 4 of us, Haizam, Farah, me and Asma has passed the interview.
2 days later, we've got a called telling we passed the interview and we need to attended Volunteer in Petrosains la for sure. What do you expect?

you need to attend 5 days of the Volunteer Orientation Programme (VOP). It's compulsory, well kinda a license to ensure your seat in Petrosains. Unfortunately, I was only attended 3 days of VOP since I've got presentation of BEL and oral test for Japan Language. alhamdulillah. I missed VOP on tuesday and wednesday, which lead me to lost my position in Program Department. I was very frustrated when I was placed in SCEVO. I was told by them, they had a science-experiments-session-while-I-was-gone and sigh. That's how they choose members for Program Department. After the announcement made by Kak Izzi, I rushed to beg Abang Naz. Begging to ask him re-put me in Program and they've said that was the final decision. I need to volunteer for 30 days ahead, then they can place me back in Program. So, I'll be multi task into 2 department after 30 days. So, if nanti kalau korang apply VOP and was put into department that you hadn't wish to be, just bear with it. You can change the department later. I ended up sighing and mourning I wanted to be in Program again again and again till the event is end. Few of them persuaded me. Hanim makes a jokes just to make me laugh and Mus just smiled at me as he know nothing to say to this pathetic girls. deyyyy


Mr Faiz gave talk about stone and I don't quite remember because he brought a lot samples of stones and petroleums. I get myself immersed in taking a pictures with his samples.

Me was holding a rock from Jeju Island in little cute turttle form.

me and Hanim holding  stone samples brought by Mr Faiz. I dont know why is she being weird by throwing up that odd stares, Hanim! The stone samples holding by me is contain nothing while the stone in Hanim's hand is contain petroleum as it has a hole.

well, I'm Holey.
me and minyak mentah. There are few of them smell it and they went TING TONG.


Hanim rushed and she dropped the stones on my glasses. Save the neck it doesn't broke. haiyaaaa laa budak ni
I met chemistry again after 5 years. Oh Yeah, I guess I'm not mising chemistry. On a second thought, Yes, I missed Chemistry!

Me and quater of the batch in Level 42 of KLCC twin tower

For some reasons, I don't really excited for that so called sky bridges visit. We climb (?) up there in a group. Besides us, there is another 2 family from India and Arab with their cute babies. Most of us spent time there by selca. Sigh.

scenery from level 86 KLCC twin tower

Told you I was being a girl who loves selcas.


ET' Department

PETTVO Department

PROGRAM Department.
huwaaaaaaaaaa T.T

see, the evil in Nur Ain Maisaraha fake her smiles. I want to in Program so badly T.T

Last but not least,
Me and the acquaintance during VOP
ME, Lily, Farah and Hanim ( From left)

I wonder why did I didn't struggle 6 years ago. But Still, All praise due to Allah S.W.T as he wanted me to go through this path. Getting out from the comfort zone all by myself, knowing great people all the times and I'd definitely apply into my life when the right time is arrive. There is a friend asking me, either I can manage my time by study and travel go and forth on weekend for part time jobs. and my answer is, Insyaallah. I'll try my best to strive in my degree and perform as a volunteer. I didn't work for money at the first place. It is because I wanted to meet foreigner as many as I can, talk to them in British accent and Korean language and improve my confidence level to use English as much as i curse in malay and mumbles in Korean language.

VOP Batch November 2015

Let's strive!


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